Pictures from the recent South African Junior Closed Chess Championships (SAJCCC 2015)

NC Chess / NK Skaak

Congratulations to all NC participants of the  SAJCCC 2015!

Participants was: Kristen Ahjum, Lize van der Walt, Mickayla Ferris, Stephan Wolfaard, Lourens Sheffer, Kiara Leitte, Savannah Ahjum, Anell Maasdorp, Jordan Ahjum, Mininke Smith, Donrique Joseph, Monique Grove, Marelize van der Walt, Bernize van der Walt, Nicole Moller and Jason Springbok.

Everyone did their best and made us proud. Full results is available on

Well done to everyone!!

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Author: Bruce Mubayiwa

My key interests and passions are Chess, Technology and Writing. I am the founder and editor of Africa Chess Net. My goal is to get more people playing chess in Africa.

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