Fireworks at the Amber Blindfold and Rapid!

Unusual things happen in blindfold chess


Round 10 at the 18th Amber Blindfold and Rapid tournament was very unusual for the number of blunders committed in the games.

World Chess Champion Vishy Anand lost a whole queen against the unpredictable Alexander Morozevich and resigned shortly afterwards. Former prodigy Gata Kamsky lost an elementary check mate, with his king pinned in the corner against the Bulgarian Veselin Topalov. Peter Leko lost in an endgame against Sergey Karjakin after missing a nice trick. Probably the most spectacular win of the day was Kramnik’s victory against Magnus the magnificient which was over in 20 moves. I think it might take Magnus a while to recover from this defeat. However, with one round to go he needs to bounce back very quickly for any chance for the top prize.

Author: Bruce Mubayiwa

My key interests and passions are Chess, Technology and Writing. I am the founder and editor of Africa Chess Net. My goal is to get more people playing chess in Africa.

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