Another lost game

A lost game of chess


Almost cracking my skull in between my palms,
As I try to show my skill,
But my secrets I must not spill
I try to suppress my glee,
Of the trap I have set for him.

I look above as if in a trance,
But there’s nobody or nothing above,
In my head the pieces move,
There I have my very own chequered board,
On it I do as I please.

My opponent is cornered,
But I don’t mean him any harm
Only to win
I will prevail,
What if this, what if that?
I am still winning.

Reminisce I do of a masterpiece,
Once played by a master,
Imitation the greatest compliment,
Today I’m giving it a go,
This will be a game to remember.

With impatience my opponent writhes,
When will I move,
Staring at me as if to penetrate my mind,
And get to my thoughts,
He circles the table like a vulture,
Waiting on its dying prey,
Finally with the gentleness of dove,
A piece is moved.

My delight is suddenly gone,
Oh no!
Something I had overlooked,
It was bright and sunny a day,
Suddenly there is a gale,
Big grey clouds warn of a mighty storm

My grin turns to a scowl without warning,
And the scowl into a fierce grimace,
But I must keep my cool,
Lest my folly is discovered,
Unbelievable it may seem.

I am taunted by looks from the spectators,
As if they enquire of my seriousness,
How I wish I could just fly away,
My king is dead,
Its checkmate,
It’s another lost game,
A lost game of chess.

Author: Bruce Mubayiwa

My key interests and passions are Chess, Technology and Writing. I am the founder and editor of Africa Chess Net. My goal is to get more people playing chess in Africa.

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